Lexington favorites

I lived in Lexington for 10 years and it took about that long, but I found favorites for about every doctor you could need. I was thinking about this because I could literally weep over how much I miss Kroger. And knowing they're doing the order online pick up in your car thing now just makes me more depressed. I don't want to say "picky" but I'm very particular about doctors and I don't like to compromise. I thought I'd put together a list of my Lexington favorites in case anyone from Lex is reading this and is interested. 

It's so hard starting all over and testing out different doctors and services trying to find what you like. Here in Utah I am driving 30 minutes for a pediatrician who fits what I want and going to 3 different grocery stores to get all our groceries. I've already had to switch doctors during the pregnancy and I haven't even started looking for a dentist or anything else yet. 

Here is my list of Lexington favorites and I will tell you I'm obsessed with all of them and could cry not getting to go to them. 

Gynecologist : Womankind Midwives
Don't be scared by the term "midwife." You don't have to be a crunchy granola mom to see a midwife!  And you don't have to be pregnant.  You can still go to them for annual exams and what you would go to a gynecologist for.  I had always gone to a gynecologist and when I got pregnant with Major I decided to look into a midwife.  They give you so much more time and attention than I've ever gotten at a traditional gyno.  I interviewed the midwife here before transferring my files and I literally said to Joey "I want a million babies just so she can deliver them." 

Family doctor: Dr Caresse Wesley
I only saw her I think once or twice but I really liked her.  She has a more "natural" approach to medicine, just meaning she recommends diet changes and vitamins before jumping into medications, at least when I saw her.  I love that.  Joey was going to see her too, but then we ended up moving.

Dentist: Dr Pleasant
Joey and I both loved him and his office staff. 

Pediatric dentist: Dr Steckler
Shepherd saw him once before we moved and we were very happy with him.  I'm not someone who needs a fancy office, but his office was really cute and kid friendly.  Also, in a Facebook mom group I'm in, whenever anyone asks for kids dentist recommendations, I've noticed he is an overwhelmingly popular opinion.

Pediatrician: Dr Nancy Bishof
I love her, I love her, I love her.  She was Joey's tennis coach in Lexington and I was a little worried about going to a doctor who was also a family friend.  But I literally could weep that she is not seeing our kids anymore.  I am also not someone who wants a doctor to sugar coat or worry about my feelings or beat around the bush.  I want someone with facts and who will tell me what I need to know.  Nancy always backs up her medical opinion with current research and I love that.  She's told me detailed stories of random studies done and I appreciate that its obvious she is continuing to stay current.  I am also very pro-vaccine and she only accepts patients who are up to date on theirs.  I personally do not want to expose my kids to something that can be prevented.  Yes I realize they are being exposed everywhere in the world, but when I'm taking them in to see their doctor, a lot of times because they are ill and their immune system is down, I don't want to expose them to something that is preventable by vaccines.  Or worse I don't want to take my infant who isn't old enough to be vaccinated yet, and potentially expose him to a kid who isn't vaccinated and may be carrying something.  She is in an office on her own, so there was never a long wait and we never had trouble getting in to see her on short notice.

Again, she is someone that is an overwhelmingly popular choice when people ask for chiropractor recommendations.  I really liked her office and the staff.  She is really knowledgable about chiropractic care during pregnancy and I saw her when I was pregnant with Major.


  1. If you are looking for recommendations for Drs in Utah you could try the Facebook group Utah Birth Forum. Thats how I found my OB who I love. I'm curious to know who you find for a pediatrician, we also just moved to salt lake area and haven't found one we really like yet.

    1. I'm really happy with my midwife (Michelle Grubbs at Lone Peak.) I might have to check that FB group out once I'm looking for a family physician. We have been going to Alpine Pediatrics in Lehi (but I think they have multiple offices)...they are the only ped I can find who absolutely requires patients to be up to date on all vaccinations. But its a half hour drive and I worry the entire time I'm going to kill all of us driving on I-15, haha! So not sure if its worth it ;) I am thinking about switching to Families First Pediatrics in Herriman. Its a lot closer and while they don't absolutely require all vaccines, it is strongly encouraged and they do require MMR and pertussis. Thanks for commenting ;)