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Can I tell you how happy I am that it's February? It's also Groundhog Day and the groundhog predicted an early Spring :) One can hope!!

On that note...
We got more snow. I wouldn't mind it as much if it wasn't so hard to leave the house with it. If we could just walk into a garage instead of truck through the back and front yard. Joey said there were snow drifts up to his knees on the side of the house :(
But I took this picture because Shepherd was so sweet. He came to me and said, "Mom, let's open the door and see the pretty sky."
Then when I did, he said, "Wow!"
What an angel. 

Doing some "school" work yesterday. I'm not sure what route we're going to go when Shep is ready to start school. A lot will depend on the school district we live in, but we aren't sure the traditional public school route is best for us. It's something Joey and I are already talking about and even though it's a way off, we decided we wanted to intentionally start praying about it now. I wish I was someone who was motivated/had the energy to homeschool but I don't think that's going to happen. 

When your mom wants you to eat lunch, but you need to find out what happens on Maya the Bee. 

I am so obsessed with him, I could gobble him up. 

After bath curls :)

Two minutes later he was asleep. I would also like to call attention to my lipstick. I'm not a makeup person but I got this Marc Jacobs lipstick for free from Sephora and I loooove it. Not necessarily the color, but I've never had a lipstick that was so moisturizing and lasted so long. I think the color is called Kiss Kiss Bang Bang. 

This is so true. 

I follow _nitch on Instagram, quotes from
celebrities. Two I have saved:

Some thoughts on last night's Bachelor episode. 

- Olivia reminded me of Courtney Robertson from the other Ben's season when she was waving the rose all over her face. 

- I feel like no guy wants to be pursued that hard, especially when it's making the entire group uncomfortable and annoyed. That's why I was so surprised he gave her the group date rose. I thought he'd give it to Lauren:
- He obviously really likes Lauren. I don't really get it but oh well. But I do know if I was on this show I'd be taking the person I liked best out into the street for my one on one time, where no one would come interrupt, which is what he did with her. 
-Jubilee. Girl you can't act like a raging up and down bitch next to a bunch of other pretty girls hiding their crazy and expect him to want to hang out with you. Again, I thought he handled that so well and he is so well spoken and well thought out in the moment. 
- Lauren H. Pretty, really good hair, but just kind of boring, right?!


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