Shepherd right now

 Shepherd right now
3.5 years old. 

Wears 3t clothes, size 7 shoes

Potty trained and sleeping in underwear, although we randomly have accidents at night. I think usually when he's had a lot to drink before bed or didn't pee right before going to sleep. 

Weaned around 3.5 years.

Rear facing until almost 3.5 years. (Because we got a new car and Joey could only figure out how to install it forward facing!)

Transitioned to toddler bed at a little over 3 years old. It has always been my goal for our kids to sleep in cribs as long as possible! Less work for me ;)

Staying in his bed all night has been a struggle. He comes and sneaks into our bed almost every single night. He was doing really well for a few weeks after Joey had the idea to tape a blind bag to his door and he only got it in the morning if he stayed in his bed all night. But then he got sick and we felt sorry for him so we let him sleep with us and now we're back to that. It's a work in progress! I'm REALLY hoping both of our children will be sleeping through the night by the time we add a newborn into the mix but I'm not going to bank on it. 

Shep is a picky eater. He likes what he likes and he's not really interested in trying anything else. It's bizarre though because the things he's staunchly opposed to are things like pizza and spaghetti. His favorite food is a sandwich, he calls them all cheese sandwiches regardless of what meat is on it too. He likes fruit and his preferred snack is pretzels. 

He loves to peel oranges and hard boiled eggs and he is really good at it and very quick. 

He (and Major) refuse to accept that Joey has to go to work 5 days a week. Shepherd seriously asks him every single night "if he gets to stay tomorrow?" He always words things in the most heartbreaking way.  If they wake up after Joey has left for work they are so disappointed and if he leaves after they're awake they stand at the window and wave until he's out of sight. Major will actually block the door and say, "no work!" in his grumpy little voice. Joey says all the time he's going to have to quit his job and we'll just live in the car because it breaks his heart. 

He is OBSESSED with FaceTiming people. Everyday he goes through every single person on both sides of our family and calls them. They spend most of the conversation looking at the ceiling and asking if he's still there, so we are very thankful they are all so patient with him, because it really makes his day. 

Some things he's said:

He is always taking up for his brother. He is a peacemaker.  If Major does something and Shep thinks he's about to get in trouble, he will intervene to try and make me not upset.  Like the other day Major dumped out an entire basket of laundry I had just finished folding and Shepherd immediately says, "That's ok Mom. It was an accident. I will pick it up." And started putting the clothes back in the basket. 

"Dad, let's go get some more cookies, before mom tells us we can't have any more cookies."

We were at this store and the boys were playing in the kids area. Major was technically a little young to be playing, but it wasn't too crowded and we knew he could handle it so we let him play. Well some little boy called Major a baby and Shepherd immediately yelled at him, "My brother is NOT a baby!"

The other day Major kept taking the cushions off the couch and they aren't allowed to do that. I asked him if he wanted to go to time out (Side note: He said "yes." Stinker!) Anyway when I asked him that Shep says, "No, Mom! Major is my best friend!"

Shepherd really likes to talk through the steps of stuff. Like, every.single.step of what is happening. He will break it down for you. This is an example of when I have to exercise very INTENTIONAL parenting and be patient because inside I'm sometimes screaming "Get it out!"

He loves helping me unpack the groceries. "Wow!! You got me bananas! Thank you, Mommy!" 

He can be so manipulative. He'll come up with some request that I'll say no to, just for example, say he asks for gummies for breakfast. I'll repeat it and say, "You want gummies for breakfast?" Then he'll say, "Ok, Mom. That would be a good idea."

Instead of saying "I was just kidding," he says, "I was just being funny." 
And if I ask him to do something he doesn't want to do, sometimes he'll pause and say, "Oh, you were just being funny?"

Once he was watching tv with Joey and two little girls were on the show and Joey asked if Shep thought they were pretty. Shep responded, "No, but their mommies are beautiful."

He calls everyone "kid." The other day I took the iPad away from him. "Hey! Why'd you take my iPad, Kid!?"

He remembers stuff from sooo long ago. A lot of times its stuff that was not even a big deal, I'm surprised he can recall it at all. But if he's talking to you, it always happened yesterday. 
"Remember yesterday when we went to Daddy's work and I got a shot and I cried because it hurt?"
That was back in October when we got our flu shots, but he still talks about it. 

I can always count on him to tell me if Major is doing something he shouldn't be. 
"Mom, Major is doing something dangerous."

He pronounces it "May-jah."

He is so kind and concerned about others. He asks me things like:
"Did you have a good shower?"
And to Major:
"Did you have a good nap?"
My favorite, when he sneaks in our bed, he'll ask me, "Are you comfy, Mommy?"

Shepherd really is just a kind, good natured and easy kid. God kissed him on the lips and sent him straight down from Heaven, because he is an angel. No bias here ;)


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