Valentine's Day 2016

7 years ago on Valentine's Day, Joey proposed. 7 years later our celebration looked a little different, but I love my Valentine even more now than I did then. Actually a lot more :) 

Valentine's Day 2009:

(Celebrating the next day)

Valentine's Day 2016:
Valentine's Day celebrations look a lot different with kids. 
I spent the 4 days leading up to V-Day absolutely miserable with the stomach bug, and Shep and Major had it too, so I was sick and taking care of them. Thankfully on Saturday with Joey being home I was able to pretty much stay in bed all day, and by then the boys were feeling better. I was so happy to wake up Sunday feeling pretty back to normal and having my appetite back. 

I made breakfast for everyone and the boys opened their cards from Pappy and Gigi. Shepherd's card included a burping joke which went over really well ;)

We decided instead of getting it to go as we originally planned, to just take the boys and go to Texas Roadhouse. I don't know if it's ever worth it to spend money on dinner you barely get to eat, let alone enjoy...but Shepherd said as we were leaving, "that was so much fun, I want to go there every day." So I guess it is worth it for that! 
However, despite ordering him a kids meal, Major preferred to eat cinnamon butter with his fingers.
So there's that. 

My three Valentines:
Major kept telling me he wanted to sit by Shep and eventually just climbed under the table. He loves his big brother!

This was so funny, Joey took the funniest picture of Major and sent it out in a group text with his own caption:

After the boys were in bed Joey made us our traditional fondue. 

Then we watched the wedding of the century. 
I will literally watch anything The Bachelor puts on tv.

The real TV excitement of the night was the return of The Walking Dead. 
Warning: Spoiler ahead!

So funny:

Whyyyy is this show so good? 

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