38 Weeks with Baby #3

I had my last prenatal appointment this morning. It was short and sweet. She just took my blood pressure (good) and listened to the baby's heartbeat (136). We talked about how next Thursday will go and what to expect. They will call me on Wednesday to confirm everything, but I will need to get to the hospital at 6am, they'll get me set up in a room and prepped for surgery. I'll have to go back to the Operating Room alone to get the epidural and all that in place, then when they're ready to start they'll bring Joey in.  I'm already nervous about the IV. Needles really never bother me. I can have blood drawn and get shots no problem, but something about it being in my hand makes me want to pass out. I'm worried it's going to rip or something. 

Sometimes I do ridiculous things, like find a man on the internet who runs a business out of his basement to get baby clothes monogrammed. That sounds worse than it actually was, but I was afraid to go alone so Joey went with me and I texted him it was safe once I was inside. Monograms must be a Southern thing. I asked one of my friends here if she knew anywhere to go and she thought I was talking about a mammogram. I really looked everywhere for someone to embroider some baby clothes and had no luck. This guy didn't normally do stuff like this, and I had to use Word on his computer to make the monogram. Not the cutest :( We'll see how it turns out. 

You can kind of tell in these pictures, but my hair has decided to go ahead and start with the postpartum weird mini bangs that stick straight up in the air. Awesome. 

The past week I've felt this super comfortable (sarcasm) feeling of my tailbone grinding. I'm wondering if that means the baby has dropped or something. Stuff like that makes me more confident a C-section is the better option. 

This weekend is our last weekend as a family of four, and also to get stuff done! On our to do list...We plan on installing the car seat, which...pray for us. That means moving 3 car seats around. Joey is going to get his whooping cough vaccine. Everyone who is coming to stay with us is getting their whooping cough vaccine, but my mom acted like my dad needed some convincing so I sent him the saddest video I could find of a poor little infant struggling to catch her breath. 
However when I talked to him he said he'd do anything for me, he was just giving my mom a hard time, haha. 

Rhonda will be here on Sunday, so I'll thankfully have help next week and get a little rested before the baby! 

What else? I'm sure I'll do another last pregnancy post next week before he gets here! Can. Not. Wait. 


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