Two posts today, but I had a quick story about being a boy mom.
I'm constantly saying, "Why is this wet?" and "Where are your pants?"

So today.  Major likes to put toys in his crib and play.  Today Shep wants to get in with him.  I let them fill up the crib with toys and books and I'm sitting there with them.  They are really content and playing so nicely, I decide to go clean up the kitchen.  First mistake.  Never leave them alone.

I'm cleaning and listening to their hysterical giggles and it seems they've made up some game and they're taking turns.  What angels, I'm thinking.  I wish we had a video monitor, I'm thinking, because I would love to watch them play, but if I go back in there, their contentedness is immediately ruined with them deciding they need something from me.  I'm thinking how nice it is that they entertain each other so well, and I'm so glad they are both boys and close in age.  After about 10 minutes, I go back there to peek in at them and notice they are both butt naked.  I walk in and they are hysterically laughing, not out of their angelic sweetness, no, they are laughing because they've taken turns peeing all over the place.
UGH.  Mean mommy came out with that one.


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