Everyday 2016 :: 4

Well I've made it to the last day of this pregnancy of being home alone all day with two boys. I can do it! Just have to make it until about 6pm when Joey gets home from work and then I'm checking out from all parenting duties and sitting on the couch the rest of the weekend! ;) I'm so sore. My lower abdomen is so tender, it feels like my skin could rip open and he'll fall right out. Lovely visual for your Friday. 
Rhonda booked her flight this morning and will be here Sunday afternoon. So as long as this baby stays put until then, we will be good! 

A recap of the last week or so:

February 22:
Shep has been inspired by the YouTube videos he watches and loves having us film him talking all about his toys. 

Baking. I figured raw batter would be a good way to go ;)

February 24:
Midwife appointment. 

February 25:
Decided to go to Ikea when Joey got off work. 

February 26:
Playing outside with their friends from upstairs. 

Friday night is movie night! We rented The Good Dinosaur. Joey usually sets up the tent and gets out their sleeping bags. 

February 27:
Major in time out. "Sorry. Sorry. Sorry."
He is so precious to me!

February 28:
My hipster boy. 

February 29:
I've mentioned before Shepherd is OBSESSED with FaceTiming people. He calls Joey's Mema pretty much every morning and here he is showing her his Paw Patrol pup pad. 

I cut them out of the picture, but the boys were sitting outside our door and having Popsicles with the kids from upstairs. 

March 1:
My mom's birthday. Took this picture to send to her!

March 2:
Spent 2 hours at the park. Thank God for sunshine and warmer weather!

March 3:
After being outside with them forever I was worn out and so thankful we timed coming inside with Maya the Bee followed by Caillou ;)


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