Everyday 2016 :: 5

Our last week before becoming a family of 5!

March 4:
Playing at the park. This is the very quick transition of Major's mood when he saw a scooter at the park then I told him he couldn't ride it because it wasn't his. 
Joy. A scooter!
You're the worst, Mom!

Later that night, saying prayers before dinner. 

March 5:
Waiting on his meal at McDonald's. 

March 6:
Nana is here! This was such a relief knowing that if I had gone into labor, she was here! First things first, we headed straight to Olive Garden straight from the airport. 

After dinner, we celebrated Nana's birthday with cake!

March 7:
Running errands and Nana bought Major a huge ball that he insisted on holding himself in his car seat. 

March 8:
Last date night before we become parents of three!

March 9:
Rocking Major to sleep for the last time as my baby. 


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