meeting your brother

The boys were SO excited to meet their new little brother. They both are so different. Shepherd was reserved with his excitement, being so careful with the baby and me. Major comes in like a tornado, ready to pick the baby up and carry him away to have to himself if we'd let him. 

This was for real Major's face right after he got to hold Breaker for the very first time. I took a screenshot from a video. Have you ever seen a sweeter face?

And this sums up Shepherd. So aware and gentle. 

I can't wait to see what personality Breaker will have. I read an article the other day about having 3 kids. It said you kind of get a taste of it with different they are despite being raised in the same way. But if you have any doubts, #3 will confirm that nature overrides nurture in this department. So much of who kids are is just WHO THEY ARE. 

A few more pictures of my 3 brothers:


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