Celebrating Shep's 4th birthday

Putting him to bed the night before his birthday! How cute is he!?

He woke up so excited for his day and we let him open one gift before Joey left for work. (We saved the rest for that night.) He opened Inside Out character figurines from Nana! They played with those all day long. 

Next we had rainbow pancakes complete with 4 candles for breakfast. 

I don't have any pictures, but we asked where he wanted to eat lunch and he said either Chic-fil-A or McDonalds. We met Joey at McDonalds for his birthday lunch and so they could play in the play area. (Chic-fil-A is a madhouse at lunch, and McDonalds play area is way bigger!)

After we got home, he helped me make cupcakes while Major napped. 

We decided not to have a party for him this year. We have made friends here in Utah, but none of them know each other, so to have a party with a bunch of people  who don't know each other, who we don't know that well ourselves, felt awkward. We were really missing our friends! We felt really guilty because Shep always talks about birthday parties, so we felt bad not having one. We were so thankful that the kids from upstairs came down for cupcakes and to play. Shep said they were his favorite part of his day, and he didn't even notice he didn't have a big party. 

This little girl is a little younger than Shep and they are either fighting like brother and sister, or loving each other. 

Also to celebrate his birthday, the Saturday before, we took him to the cutest train store. 
My sweet engineers, ready to go. 

Here's a story for you. Next door to this train shop was a place to donate plasma, and our car was parked right in front of the bus station. You can imagine the people getting off the bus to go donate plasma, walking right past our car while I sat in the front seat nursing Breaker. Eek! ;)

They had tons of different scenes set up with model trains. You could insert a token to start them up, then control how fast they went. The boys loved it!

They also had 3 cute party rooms you could rent for birthday parties. 

I didn't get any pictures, but they also had a train you could actually ride on that took you through this little town. Shepherd was excited that it was Breaker's first train ride :)

In a train trance. 

Our family of five! 


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