Everyday 2016 :: 7

March 18:
I captioned this on Instagram, "Now that we have 3 kids, this is apparently how we dress them."He had on his pajama top, Major's old pants, and his shoes were on the wrong feet.
The whole family went to Breaker's first doctors appointment and to say it was chaotic is an understatement.  At one point Joey went to the bathroom and the boys found that the perfect opportunity to escape our room while I was talking to the nurse and take off in circles around the office.  So I leave Breaker with the nurse and take off running, 1 week postpartum, trying to get them.  I grabbed Major by the shirt collar but couldn't get Shep, so I'm now running and carrying a 2 year old, when I'm not supposed to pick up anything heavier than my newborn. After that I told Joey he could pee on his own time.

March 19:
You leave them alone for one minute and they get in the cereal drawer and dump out an entire new box of Cheerios. =( And then strip all their clothes off and roll around in it.

March 20:
The day Shepherd discovered Snapchat.  Parenting advice: If you don't want your child to do something, never, ever, not even once let them do it.  All Shep wants to do is check his snaps and send them out to people.  All of our friends and family are bombarded with Shepherd selfies every day.  I say our friends and family.  I should include that he also sends out snaps to all of the Kardashians and random bloggers I follow.  The random bloggers probably think I'm stalking them.  I like that he enjoys it so much, but I literally all day long talk to him about how we can't snapchat all day.

March 21:
Shepherd wanted to be swaddled like Breaker.

March 22:
Giving Breaker a sponge bath and we thought it would be sweet to let them help.
#wewerewrong #chaos #majoralmostbrokehisheadopen

After his bath.  So precious and looking just like his big brother, Shepherd.

March 23:
Major's face is so sweet.  Breaker's face is so scared ;)

March 24:
Snuggled up together in the rocking chair.  Both of our's happy place.

March 25:
Major loves him, so much!

Just the cutest little face you ever did see.  What you can't see is that this picture was strategically cropped to hide Shepherd's naked booty.  I texted the entire picture to my mom and promised to sanitize the table before she got here ;)

We survived our first Walmart trip as a family of five!


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