everyday 2016 :: 8

March 26:
My family is here!

March 27:
Easter Sunday

March 28:
At the doctor for a weight check. 

March 29:
The day he discovered he loves pockets. 

March 30:
Gigi with all three grand babies. 

Trying to get a picture with all three of my children like...

March 31:
Dentist and getting their picture taken for the No Cavity club!

April 1:
His grumpy face. Terrifying!

My mom wanted to have a little mini birthday celebration since they didn't get to see them on their actual birthdays. I'll never say no to cake...

April 2:
My sister and Shep...heading to the airport for her and my dads flight home. 

April 3:
Little mini photo shoot with Breaker. 

April 4:
If you've ever wondered what I looked like at 4 years old, here it is:

April 5:

April 6:

April 7:
Park with my mom!

April 8:
Breaker Blue happy as can be once I swaddled him. We were walking around Target. 

April 9:
My moms last day with us :(


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