Everyday 2016 :: 9

April 10:
My sleepy guy turns 1 month old and just couldn't stay awake for his photo shoot. 

April 11:
The first day I was home the entire day alone with all 3 of them...also the day the boys decided to climb to the top of the jungle gym for the first time. I just knew someone was going to fall and break something. 

Breaker hanging outside watching his brothers. There is ZERO shade in our yard. 

April 12:
I don't know why but I'm obsessed with this picture. He is so precious. 

April 13:
Caity and Pop Pop got to town for their visit! I stole a picture from Caity's snapchat. 

April 14:
It was gloomy and rainy so we went to the mall to get out of the house. 

April 16:
Antelope Island!

April 18:
Took Caity and Don into downtown to visit Temple Square. 

April 19:
A picture Shepherd took of Breaker. I love seeing pics he takes from his point of view!

April 20:
He loves him SO much. 

April 21:
This looks like a calm, peaceful moment. Looks can be deceiving ;)

April 22:
Sometimes I take a million pictures of them in a row when they're being extra cute. I finally convinced him to let me put his hair up. We were going for a man bun, but he was too squirmy and impatient. So cute!!

April 23:
Another day another photo shoot. Love his sweet dimple!

April 24:
Took him out for some one on one time. I love this shirt! 


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