I prayed for TEN YEARS that I would be able to be a stay at home mom to my children. Before I had even met Joey, I knew it was something that would be important to me, so I prayed. I had no idea I was praying for the most exhausting job in the world or how hard it would be. Staying at home all day long with three kids is mentally exhausting more than anything else for me.
 I took the boys to the doctor earlier this week for a check up and when the nurse asked me a question I changed my answer 3 times. I'm sorry my brain literally does not work anymore. My mind is instead mentally assessing the germ quota, making sure no one dumps over the fish tank and doing a head count over and over. 

But then I have days like yesterday, when I'm reminded how worth it it all is, and how thankful I am for answered prayers and God's blessings. I was sitting on the floor with Breaker doing tummy time. And I was there when he rolled over for the very first time. And all of my boys were home with me and I yelled for them to come see and we all cheered him on while he rolled over, tummy to back, again and again. Then the boys wanted to show off that they too knew how to roll ;) 
That is priceless to me and I'm so happy I get to be there for all of the moments. 

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