Hospital stay with Breaker

First of all, this was seriously the nicest hospital EVER!  Someone told me their insurance wouldn't cover it, because it was considered a "luxury" or something like that.  Thankfully ours did.  It was brand new, with huge, comfortable rooms and large bathrooms.  They had a private chef running the kitchen and I could order whatever I wanted and however much I wanted anytime of day.  Pretty sure the first meal I ordered they probably thought they were feeding a small army.  There weren't just a few options, there was an entire menu and it was actually delicious!  They also provided two meals for Joey and a "fancy" meal for us one night.  My favorite part about the hospital was they had this "closet" on the maternity floor that was stocked with snacks, drinks, blankets in a warmer, and an ice machine with the most perfect pebble ice.  I will forever associate Lorna Doone cookies with Breaker's birth.  The nurses there were also amazing.  I had two that were my favorites and as soon as their shifts were over I'd ask if they worked the next day.  On my last day there one of them had the next day off and I seriously cried.  Having such a nice environment and also amazing nurses really made the whole experience bearable for me.  If I'd been in a busy hospital and had nurses who were awful...I can't imagine.  I'm very thankful for the experience I had there.

In the middle of the night with Breaker not even a day old:

We said Major wasn't so sure about this "middle child" deal ;)  Also as soon as he saw that Breaker was using that paci he has refused to use anything other than "baby's paci."  I hate that Soothie! Its so big and ugly.  I got mad at Joey in the hospital for giving Breaker a paci while I was in the shower because I usually wait a little longer to introduce it.  I think thats why he is hooked on the dumb Soothie and not the Nuks I like!

One of my favorite nurses.  They were so great with Shep and Major too.

Caity made an impromptu trip to see us and meet Breaker!

I actually ended up staying an extra day at the hospital.  I felt the same way after Shepherd's birth...I was in so much pain I couldn't imagine going home.  This time it was worse because I knew I had to go home to two other kids to take care of and I didn't want to leave!  In this case, the pediatrician wouldn't discharge Breaker.  I had to use the on call ped because ours didn't go to this hospital.  Breaker had low blood sugar and was losing weight.  Every time I would nurse him he would latch but then just pretty much fall asleep and not really get anything.  I ended up nursing him, then pumping and giving him the pumped milk in a SNS (I think thats what its called?) so he wouldn't get used to a bottle.  It was exhausting and stressful and I am so thankful for the nurse I had sitting with me every few hours and helping me give him the expressed milk.  Since the pediatrician wouldn't discharge Breaker, I did end up staying an extra night at the hospital. Thankfully they had plenty of empty rooms for me to do that. 

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