My worst habit continues

I've mentioned before my worst habit of not letting my children wear their cute clothes. They have plenty of them but in all of the pictures of them they look homeless because unless we're going somewhere I deem special enough, they are wearing something old/stained/hole-y.  It makes no sense and I know it, yet I continue to do it. It's like I don't understand washing machines. 
Today we were getting ready to go to the park and I was looking for something for Breaker to wear. I found a new with tags Newborn outfit in his drawer that I actually had forgotten about, but by now he's pretty much outgrown it. I stuffed his little self into it anyway, although his head wouldn't fit the matching hat :( 
And it's not like I'm spending tons of money or shopping somewhere fancy. This particular outfit I had gotten on clearance at Carters. What is wrong with me!?

Since everyone was dressed (that never happens) I thought I'd try and take a picture of all 3 of my boys. You can guess how that turned out. 


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