One month with Breaker Blue

Tomorrow Breaker will be 2 months here is his 1 month update!

Breaker is the most easy going baby.  He rarely cries, except when he's hungry.  He does not like waiting to eat while I change his diaper.  I cannot tell you how obsessed his two big brothers are with him.  Like, totally in love.  They smother him with kisses all day long, and he is very tolerant of it.
He loves his Soothie paci and loves to be swaddled.  If he's not swaddled he'll start fussing pretty quickly.

One thing about his first month...I spent pretty much all of it stressing about him gaining weight.  I can't remember if I put this on the blog already, but I'll say it again.  In the hospital he was pretty much falling asleep every time I nursed him and not really getting anything.  He would latch on fine, but it would immediately put him to sleep, so he was losing too much weight.  I'm not sure what he got down to, but more than is "normal" and the other concern was his blood sugar being low.  They thought it was because he wasn't getting enough to eat, so he didn't have the energy to nurse, which was why he kept falling asleep.  It was hard because I was exhausted too, so trying to stay awake to keep him awake and make sure he was actually nursing, in the middle of the night, was just tiring.  You know I had kind of the same issue with Shepherd and breastfeeding with him was so hard at the beginning.  I'm so thankful that this time I knew so much more about breastfeeding and was confident it would all work itself out.  I ended up nursing him then pumping, then giving him the pumped milk in a little SNS tube or a syringe.  Which takes forever.  When we were discharged, we had our appointment with our new pediatrician that I'd never met 2 days later.  He wanted us to come back again in 2 days because Breaker hadn't gained any weight since leaving the hospital.  We went back 2 days later and he was the exact same weight.  I really wasn't worried, but it was stressing me out to deal with a new pediatrician who I wasn't sure about, and was already suggesting formula.  I hate having a doctor I feel like I have to fight about stuff I want or don't want.  The doctor wasn't doing that but I was just stressed leading up to the appointments worrying that he would.  I had switched pediatricians right before Breaker was born because I had been driving 30 minutes to one a town over and it was just too much.  Anyway, so I was determined to get him to gain weight and not have to deal with the doctor anymore, because I knew in my heart he was just fine.  I decided to go back to doing what we did in the hospital.  So I spent almost a week waking him up to eat every 3 hours and pumping every time he finished nursing, then giving him the pumped milk too.  We went back to the pediatrician and he had gained DOUBLE what they were hoping for!  Ok that was a lot.

Here are some of my favorite pictures from his first month:

Just to show you how much he likes being swaddled...I took him to Target and he was fussing in his carseat the whole time.  I took him out and swaddled him and he was happy as could be after that!


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