Random ramblings

This is so fitting for me!

Me as a mom:

When I was having to pump, Shepherd was so excited to get to give Breaker a bottle. 

Snapchat face swaps. Is there anything more terrifying?! A serial killer and the scariest man child you'll ever see:

I also found this terrifying. Shep wanted to face swap with Thomas. 

Shep in 20 years :(

The cutest little koala:

When I leave them loose so I can talk to my best friend on the phone for 20 minutes:

I'll spare you all of the pictures I sent to my mom, but is this not the nicest grocery you've ever seen?

I know it was weeks ago but can we all relate to this after Lemonade?!

No shame in my game. 

I love KKW memes. 

Who's excited!!! 3 more days!


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