Shepherd is FOUR

I remember thinking years ago how far away "four" seemed and how that would be really old.  Four is big.  It is one year away from school. I remember his precious newborn days like they were yesterday and I would go relive every single one of them in a heartbeat. He is growing into the most wonderful boy. Kind, caring, aware, funny, thoughtful...our magic boy. 

Some things about Shepherd at Four years old.

We are going to be in trouble with him when he's older.  He has always had a manipulative streak in him.  The other day he was in trouble because we were asking him to do something, I think pick up some toys or something and he kept ignoring us.  Joey told him again to pick it up, or he was going to time out.  Shepherd said, "no," and kept playing.  Joey was like, "Ok, we do not talk like that, lets go to time out," and Shep immediately says, "No, Dad! I said 'oh' I said 'oh'! I had to turn around from laughing.

Shepherd LOVES playing with other kids.  We'll go to the park and he'll ask everyone there to come back tomorrow and meet him.  The people upstairs have 5 kids, 3 of which come outside all the time to play. He is obsessed with them! It makes us miss our friends in Lexington even more, because of how much we want him to grow up with his little friends. 

He loooooves to FaceTime people. Everyone in both of our families gets a call pretty much everyday. I'm trying to work on him with phone etiquette because half the time when he's done talking he'll just hang up on them. He also spends most of the conversation letting them look at the ceiling and asking if he's still there. He calls Joey's Mema probably 10 times a day. 

He's also obsessed with Snapchat. He'll always say, "Mom, I think I got some snaps" and pick up my phone to check. 

He is so encouraging. The other day at the playground we overheard him talking to Major about the slide..."You can do it, Maj!"

2 months in and he is still obsessed with Breaker. He calls him "my baby" and frequently stops whatever he's doing to give Breaker his full attention. 

He and Major play so well together and it makes me so happy. He still pronounces his name "May-jah." They wrestle all the time and it is so funny. 

The train obsession is still going strong. He knows everything there is to know about trains. 

He absolutely hates wearing clothes. If we are home there is a 99% chance he's butt naked. He even wants to sleep naked. #pickyourbattles

Food: Grapes
Drink: Orange juice
Show: Caillou
Movie: Inside Out
Activity: Playing with trains


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