Summary of thoughts on this pregnancy

This was my hardest pregnancy yet.  Above and beyond harder than my first two.  I don't know why.  I have literally never in my life been so miserable.  Not depressed, but just every single day miserable.  Uncomfortable, homebound, no friends or family here, no option of a date night or anything like that because we don't have any babysitters.  I gained more weight with this pregnancy, which is so hard on my body and being only barely 5 ft tall.  I felt like I was 40 weeks pregnant for the entire last trimester.  I cried everyday, and really didn't know how I was going to go on.  Shepherd and Major's pregnancies were SO EASY.  I guess I was spoiled.

The timing of this pregnancy was also crazy. We moved across the country the day after I found out I was pregnant. I always have to believe pregnancy is in God's timing. "Everything happens for a reason" is one of those fluffy quotes that drives me crazy, but in the case of pregnancy I agree.  None of my babies have been "planned" other than just knowing we want a lot of kids. But looking back at Shep and Major, they both came at perfect times and answered prayers I didn't know I had. Although I wouldn't have planned to get pregnant right before we moved across the country, again I can see God's timing in it, working for my good. If that makes sense. Jeremiah 29:11, "plans to prosper, not to harm." This was good for me, as hard as it was. I think if we'd found out I was pregnant a month earlier, we would have second guessed moving here. And I'm glad we moved here. March was a perfect month to have him, so the months I was really uncomfortable, the weather was too bad to get outside anyway.

I'm 7 weeks postpartum now and I still every single day think, "Thank God I'm not pregnant."  I am so happy to have ENERGY.  Well, as much as I can with 3 kids and little sleep ;)  I'm so happy to be able to bend over again! I seriously think about it everyday.  We still want more kids, but gosh I don't want to do that again.  And the thought of another C-section makes me want to cry.

I will say, I've heard two encouraging things on the topic of having more kids.  My doctor told me that she's noticed there is something about a third pregnancy.  She said it seems to be the hardest on her patients, even harder than 4th or 5th. (I live in Utah so she probably has a lot of patients with that many kids ;)  Also encouraging, I've heard that having more than 3 kids, it doesn't really get harder.  You're already outnumbered with three, might as well have some more.  

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