My family's visit :: 2

A few more pictures from when my parents and sister were here when Breaker was about 2/3 weeks old. There are so many fun things to do in Utah, we wish all of our friends and family could come spend time with us. Being a few weeks post partum, and following a major surgery, on top of the rainy season weather, we didn't get to go out and about as much as my family normally would.
This day it was cold and rainy so we went to the mall to let the boys ride the train. 
I love this mountain view!

If Hallie is with us, she's always the one who "gets" to take the boys on rides ;)

Being brothers. 


Gigi with her grand babies. 

Having family in town to help meant we finally took the boys to the dentist! Haha

No Cavity Club!
(I was seriously worried)

Having family in town meant we also got a date night! Our third wheel was super cute. 

Shep loved going on walks w Pappy. My dad seriously walks for miles and miles every day. 

Since my family wasn't with them for either of their birthdays this year, my mom wanted to have a little celebration so she got them cupcakes and presents and we had a mini birthday party. 

Park time with Gigi. Never mind our Halloween pajamas in March ;)
(Add that to the list of things I no longer care about.)


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