The Utah Capitol building

One of my dad's many hobbies is US capitals. He and my mom love to travel, and they've been to every state capital in every state they've visited. So when my family was in town after Breaker was born, of course we had to go to the state capital! 

We love giving the boys new experiences and exposing them to new places. I know they're really young, and especially Major probably won't even remember it. But I hope we instill in them the desire to get out and explore and see new things everywhere they go. 

Outside the Utah Supreme Court. 

House of Representatives. 

Major and Hallie. The building was beautiful. 

The entire building had these big pictures lining the walls. It was explaining the history of the building and its recent remodel. Shepherd literally stopped at each one and made me tell him what it said.  It really made me want to homeschool him, although I guess I can still take him out and teach him things without doing the homeschool thing. 

Shepherd and Major with Pappy. 

And with me!

Since we were so close, we also walked around Temple Square. Here I am I think 3 weeks post partum when I'm not supposed to pick up anything heavier than Breaker, wearing Breaker and holding Major because I felt sorry for him. He had started to run away from us under the rope and my parents and I all three at the same time yelled No! and made him sad. This was inside the Tabernacle building where the Mormon Tabernacle Choir performs. 

Postcard perfect, in my opinion ;)


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