What it's like having 3 kids

I'm woken up by my middle child standing over the sleeping baby and trying to feed him his blue Popsicle. It's 7:30am but he's been up since 6. Luckily Joey got up with him, since I'd already been up throughout the night with Breaker. 

I'm in the living room and trying to ignore the fact that I haven't seen Major for a good 3 minutes. I go to find him and he's used a step stool to hoist himself onto the kitchen counter and is playing in the sink with all the dirty dishes and the water on full blast. Didn't know he could do that. 

I walk past the playroom and Major is sweetly playing at the train table. So what he's butt naked, at least he's happily playing. He looks up at me and smiles. "Pee, Mommy." I look closer and sure enough, pee is dripping from the table, covering tracks and trains. I clean it up and while I'm washing my hands I hear, "I pooped, Mommy!" While I was busy cleaning up the pee, he pooped on the floor. Carpet in case you were worried. I clean it up and wipe Major's butt. Wash my hands and take him to finally put clothes on him. Realize there is poop on his feet and hands. Ughhhh. I'd also like to mention that while all this is going on, Breaker is screaming and Shepherd has reminded me 35 times that I haven't got his breakfast yet. 

It's 9:38 am. Just 9 more hours to go until Joey gets home from work. 

When I was pregnant with Breaker I remember reading a blog post about "what was your hardest transition" talking about having kids. I thought, going from zero to one was actually delightful. Going from one to two was easy. Well, I'm here to tell you, my hardest transition has been going from two to three! 

My house looks like no adults live here. It's Friday and right now my second load of laundry for the WEEK has finally made its way to the dryer, because the first load sat there since Monday, continually going through the cycle, hoping the wrinkles would fall out and I'd get a chance to hang it up. I haven't been well rested in four years. Yesterday while I was nursing Breaker, Shep came in the room with blue marker all over his face and hands and somehow it looked like he'd drawn a penis on his face. I had a flash forward to slumber parties. (Do boys have slumber parties? Or is that just a girl thing?) I didn't feel like cleaning him up so I sent him outside to play with the water hose. 

I'm embarrassed to say this, but we can't remember the last time we bathed Breaker, but it's definitely been over 3 weeks. That's on the to do list tonight, but I'm not making any promises. I've found this to be pretty accurate:

Looking at the concerns of parents of one and two children, I can tell you I'm worried about exactly one of them, although in the past I was have worried about most of them at some time or other. (On time vaccines in case you were wondering.)

Well, on a different note, I have about a million blog posts I need to catch up on, going all the way back to Breaker's first week. For the past two weeks we've been on vacation and this week we've been home trying to get back in our groove. Maybe this weekend I'll have some time to blog. I don't know though, they keep me pretty busy ;)


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