3 months with Breaker

Breaker had a big month. He officially turned 3 months old while we were in Hilton Head, his first vacation. He is the most perfect, easy baby. We had him all over the country this month and he just sits back and enjoys the ride. We went from Utah to Miami to Nashville, then drove to Hilton Head and he was just as easy as can be. He was great on the plane rides. I nursed him at takeoff and he spent most of the ride sleeping. While on vacation, he timed his naps every single night with our dinner so Joey and I got to eat entire meals for the first time in forever.

Some favorite pictures from Breaker's 3rd month:

Shepherd LOOOVES him. 

Happy at the park. 

I have a feeling we'll have another Thomas fan on our hands. 

Always smiling. 

In love. 

Major is pretty obsessed too. 

The sweetest face. 

Loves to be swaddled. We were walking around this arboretum here and I had to lay a blanket on the ground to swaddle him so he could sleep. 

First time in the pool! This was as far as he got.

I love this picture of him and Madelyn. She was born a few days before him. 

Sleeping through dinner!

Toes in the sand :)

Breaker's first morning in Kentucky. It's weird that somewhere so dear to us, Breaker just now has been there and only for about a week. 


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