4 months with Breaker

Breaker turned 4 months old on July 10.

I had a hard time choosing which chair picture to use this month. He was so cute in each one! 
To get Breaker's monthly chair picture, I always have to wait for Joey to get home because Breaker gives his biggest smiles to his daddy. 

So this month:
Breaker still hates being on his tummy. 

He started giggling and he's really ticklish on his chin. Shep is always coming up to him and tickling him, saying "give me that chin!" 

Already in Size 3 diapers. 2s just we're not cutting it anymore. 

Started reaching for the toys that hang from his playmat. 

Usually goes to bed around 7:30, wakes around 12/1 to nurse, goes back to sleep  easily and wakes again at 5ish, then sleeps until 7:30ish. 

Some of my favorite Breaker pictures from his 4th month...

I love all the pictures we got of him with our family and friends. We loved introducing him to Kentucky!

Pretty accurate representation of my boys. Sweet Shep, calm Breaker and crazy Maj. 

Always happy. And I love this outfit. 

No more pictures, Mom!

Major climbs in bed with him and steals his paci every chance he gets. 

Breaker went to Yellowstone. 

And got to see Old Faithful!

Wish I could stay like this all day. 

Trains <3


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