Hilton Head 2016 :: 1

The first leg of our vacation was spent in Hilton Head, SC.  Our friends have a condo there and we met up with them and one other couple.  So there were three couples, three 3 year olds, and three 3 month olds. (Actually Shepherd had just turned 4 but you get the picture.)
We missed Major, but he was having fun with my parents at his first Week Of Fun!

I cannot tell you how good it felt to be back with OUR PEOPLE, in a place we love, that felt like home.  And we had just gotten there and not even been to Kentucky yet, but we were literally so happy.

Amy did not tell Grayson that Shep was coming.  It had been a year since they had been together.  They used to see each other every single day.  We weren't sure how they would react when they were finally reunited but Amy and I could not wait to find out.  We slept late after our long day of travel, so when we got up all of our friends were already down at the pool.  We headed out there.  When Grayson saw us walking towards them, it was so sweet!  He and Shep literally just looked at each other, like "oh there you are.  Where have you been?" and just started playing like not a day had gone by.  I'm crying typing this.  It was so sweet.

These three! On vacation in 2014 and two years later in 2016.  Love these sweet boys!

I also cannot tell you how happy Joey and I were to see GREEN and TREES.  I cried flying into Miami.  Isn't South Carolina pretty??

After playing HARD all day, these boys were worn out! Their faces say it all.


Three moms and three 3 month olds:

After dinner Shep went back to the condo and we took Breaker to pick up some groceries.  Not quite big enough to fit in the cart!  It is also so nice to be back with friends who I can call and say, he can Shep go with you guys, and we can just run in and out of the grocery.  GAHHH If you can't tell we just love our friends.


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