Hilton Head 2016 :: 2

Another morning at the pool.  Breaker's first time in the water! He just dipped his toes in. 

Joey, Shepherd, Tyler, Grayson...and some random kid that wouldn't get out of the way ;)

Little miss Madelyn is already as sassy as can be ;)

At dinner.
Side note: Please disregard my hair in every single picture from our 2 week vacation.  I'm just going to go ahead and warn you.  First of all, it has a mind of its own in humidity.  Second of all, I get every other person in my family dressed and happy and then I do myself last, which means I usually look like a hotttt mess.  Third, I am kicking myself for cutting it.  Long hair is easier to style, even if short hair is easier to manage.  OK, moving on.

So the best thing ever, is having a child that is old enough to sit at the other end of the table with his friends and eat his meal without your help and you can relax and enjoy your meal for the first time in like, four years.

The child whisperer:

So I was done eating and Shep was getting restless so I took him outside to walk around.  This is what he does when I try to get a picture of him.
Side note: He also wore this shirt on our Hilton Head vacation 2 years ago.  Yes I remember stuff like that.  He gets a lot of wear out of his clothes since he grows at such a slow rate.

Went back and got his friends to walk around with us. Little boys are just the sweetest.  I love watching them explore!

Breaker Blue's 1st vacation!

Just missing our Maj!

Ok, so Tyler made up the most fun game. I was obsessed and I wish I could play it right now.
You play in couples and everyone has to write down however many random questions they can think of.  We were googling trying to come up with good ones.  After we played this the first time, I spent the entire next day brainstorming good questions and writing them in my phone.
So to play, put all of the questions in the middle and each person takes turns reading a question.  If a girl reads it the guys have to answer and vice versa.  Then your spouse has to guess what your answer will be.  If you both say the same thing, you get a point.  It was so fun!
We had questions like: 

"What does your spouse do that annoys you?"
"What was your favorite vacation?"
"Who would play you in a movie?"
"If your spouse was famous, what would it be for?"
"If your mother in law was an animal, what would she be?" 

(Rhonda - I know you're reading this and I said dachsund! ;)

Once all of the questions are up, whoever has the most points, wins!


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