Hilton Head 2016 :: 3

 I love these pictures of Breaker and Madelyn. 

How sweet are they!?

All 6 of them before we headed out to dinner. 

Dinner at Carolina Crab Co. 

This angel timed his naps every single night with dinner. So with Shep happy with his friends and Breaker asleep, Joey and I ate uninterrupted. It was wonderful. 

We got poured rain on and somehow Amy and Laura's hair still looks perfect and mine looks like a wet cat :(

After he was done eating Shep kept telling me he wanted to go to "the chip store."  Ok. 

When everyone's staring at you because you're letting your kid get soaking wet. 

Best buds. 

Amy was standing with the babies and people kept asking about her triplets. 

The big boys. 

Ending the night with wine slushies and watching The Bachelorette. My kind of night!


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