No flower blooms year round

Its been over a year since we decided to move to Utah, almost a year since we actually did. Last 4th of July was our last big shindig with our friends. This day last year I had just finished having our entire life packed up and we went to dinner that night with our friends.
Finding out I was pregnant the day before moving...was a shock and a game changer.

A few days before we left Kentucky, it hit me what we were doing and I sat in the bathroom alone and cried my eyes out. I prayed that in a year or two years or however long we were in Utah, that when we were moving again (whether it be to a new state or a new house) I would have another solo cry fest in the bathroom. That would mean we had done it right and I was sad to leave. 

The first almost 9 months we were here I was underground. Getting adjusted, homesick at the beginning, going through an entire pregnancy and miserable winter. It was a season.

What excited me about moving here was so different than what moving here was actually like for that first almost year.

But even though Breaker's pregnancy was miserable for me, I hope this comes off the right way...I'm glad it's out of the way.  We want a lot of kids and now I've got one more down.  He's here and perfect and I did it and now I can get on with it. His pregnancy was just really, really hard for me. The warmer weather and not being pregnant has given me a pep in my step and I am finally seeing a glimpse of my day to day life looking the way I wanted it to from the beginning.  I'm finally getting in a groove that I can see feeling bittersweet to leave.

I don't know what the future holds, but I'm energized and motivated now to make the most of living here.

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