Pappy and Gigi's Week of Fun

While we were in Hilton Head, Major got to stay with my parents and get lots of one on one attention.

When my mom found out we were going to Hilton Head, she wanted us to leave all 3 of the boys with her and my dad for the week. I said Breaker is too young to be away from me and Shep's best friend, Grayson, is who we're meeting in Hilton Head. But after a lot of thinking, we decided to let them keep Major. I wasn't sure I would ever get over the mom guilt of not taking one of my children on a family vacation, but it turned out perfectly.  Every parent knows, once you have kids, there are no vacations. Only trips.  Going from being used to having 3 kids, to only having 2 (and the easiest 2 at that!) actually let us be able to relax a little more. This vacation was actually the most relaxed I think I've been in 4 years.
I did think this could be the start of middle child syndrome.  He'll be 25 and saying "hey mom and dad remember when you didn't take me to Hilton Head?" Major, I promise one day we'll take you on a vacation and leave the rest of them at home! ;)

Anyway, back to Major's Week of Fun.
Something you should know about my mom. My sister and I "make fun" of her "Summer Programs" all the time. When we were growing up, every summer she would plan a "summer program." I honestly don't remember all of the things we did, but the one we always joke about is "Public Transit Day." One day we literally just went downtown and rode the bus around all day. Oh! And we also never let her live down the summer she tried to make us learn French and we had all these tapes we listened to in the car and videos she had us watch. 
Well, 20 years later I'm giving my mom the chance to relive her Summer Program with her grandson. She had their whole week planned out, including a ride on the bus and trolley ;) They also had plans for storytimes, splash pads, wagon rides and Major even requested a trip to the fire station with Pappy.

Here are a few pictures of their week:
(Please note, my mom and sister are THE WORST picture takers ever.  They kept sending us pictures and I was like 'can you please send me one where he doesn't look miserable??'
They swore he was happy as can be just not smiling for the camera.

^ How cute is he saluting?!^

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