What does everyone think about the new Bachelor!?

I'm going into Bachelor overdrive today!
It's all over the Internet so I don't guess this is really a surprise to anyone.
What does everyone think about the new Bachelor?!

I personally am still very surprised and confused as to why they announced it last night. Why not wait until next week when Bachelor in Paradise finished airing and we all knew for sure he and Jen didn't work out. I'm genuinely confused and I was not prepared for the amazing night of television that happened last night. I wasn't even home and my girlfriends were texting about it (literally Mountain time is the dumbest) and I was like just tell me who it is! I was shocked! Did not expect that at all. 

I was SOOO Team Luke, and I'm still a little disappointed to miss out on him being the Bachelor. I bet he was a little blindsided about it, just like the rest of us. He put up an Instagram post last night about God's timing or something. But I am PUMPED about Nick. I'm kind of obsessed with him. I think he will be a great bachelor. My #1 quality I like in a bachelor is someone who takes it seriously (which is why my all time favorite bachelor is Sean Lowe). I think Nick will. He's definitely has a deep, serious side and I think he'll ask the tough questions. 

And where was Chris Harrison!? I need him there, especially for big announcements like this. Talk about asking the tough questions. 
I assumed he was too busy to host After Paradise and that's why they brought in Sean. But I did a little digging and apparently someone on Twitter asked Chris the same thing and he said it "was not his decision." ABC...not OK!! Sean was my favorite Bachelor, but it stops there. Bring back Chris!

Y'all if you need some sleuthing, I'm your girl. I have zero shame and I will find answers! A few weeks ago I DM'd this girl I saw on Insta who said she had screenshots of Kaitlyn's blog about the Bachelorette finale that was removed. (FYI: I'm not sure why she took it down, other than she was mad her and Shawn weren't invited to the finale.)
No. Shame.  


Final thought for anyone watching Bachelor in Paradise:

Are Jared and Ashley not THE WORST. Caila is leaving Paradise and obviously wants Jared to go w her but is too nice/normal to ask that of someone she's known less than a week. And Jareds like "I need to run it by Ashley first." If I was Caila I would have had them put that van in reverse when I noticed Jared chasing it down.
They were just as gross on After Paradise. I think Ashley I is so pretty but she has the worst personality.  But I really think Jared is the worst here. At least with Ashley you know what you're getting. She owns up to being a little crazy and crying too much. But Jareds all like "I'm a nice guy blah blah." He is the last person I would pick for a date in Paradise ;)
My choice would have been Nick!

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The best nude lipstick

I love nude lipstick and I've found the best one.

Pay no attention that my tube looks like a toddler ate it. I have to buy a new one. 

Wearing the lipstick:

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Our weekend

Our weekend as told through mostly snapchat =)

Friday night Joey and I got to go on a date... 

With a third, fourth and fifth wheel...to the romantic Cracker Barrell!!

Saturday morning I had a hair appointment. And it probably looks exactly the same to the naked eye...but to a blonde connessoir there is a big difference ;))

Saturday afternoon we drove into downtown Salt Lake. I don't know how I heard about this garden but I'd been wanting to go and see what it was. I think I saw a picture on Instagram of that Egyptian looking sculpture and it piqued my interest! 

This was the Gilgal Sculpture Garden. We had to circle the block twice to find it. It was tiny and had random sculptures and rocks with Bible and Book of Mormon verses on them. I'm not sure I got everything that was going on. 

We took the most awkward family picture ever, taken by a man who held my phone up to his eye when taking the picture. 
Then we hightailed it out of there because there was a homeless man in a corner taking all of his clothes off.

After that we drove 5 minutes to Temple Square to walk around. I have always wanted to go to the top floor of the church office building because it is apparently the tallest building in Salt Lake with 360 views but when we walked there it was closed :(

For dinner we went to the Lion House Pantry which is located in Brigham Young's home. Brigham Young founded Salt Lake City and was a President of the LDS church. I'm telling y'all everything in this town revolves around the Mormon church. 

After dinner we walked around a little more, then headed home!

Sunday was spent cleaning and purging. I love throwing stuff away! We watched the VMA's Sunday night and felt old ;)
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Flashback Friday

On Major's 2nd birthday we had a family photo shoot and I never shared the pictures.  It was the most random thing.  This photographer from Southern California was coming to Utah for a workshop and found my picture on Facebook and messaged me asking if we'd like to be a model family for this workshop.  We had probably 25 photographers taking our picture and they were supposed to send us edited images for free, in exchange for us "modeling" and allowing them to use our images for their portfolio.  
Now, we are usually a pretty photogenic family. But I was like, 35 weeks pregnant, we were in knee deep snow and it was FREEZING.  We were also in one spot the entire time and the photographers came to us, which was good to not have to move around, but bad because every pose was the same. These were the worst pictures I think we've ever taken. The photographer who actually contacted us was I think the only one who captured pictures I actually liked, and edited them in a way I like.  One photographer sent me pictures back and we all looked sick and Major had red hair from whatever filter she used.  It was hideous.  The shoot was at Millcreek Canyon.

I had the cutest outfits planned for the boys, but it was so cold and snowy that they had to wear their coats and Rainboots so the stupid amount of time I spent shopping was worthless and they could have worn pajamas and no one would have known. 

Most pictures we got back looked like this:
That is the worst picture ever! Why even edit and send that back? My eyes are closed for Petes sake. This would have been good for a blooper Christmas card ;)

Here are a few of the better ones:

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He may have been born in Utah, but

He may have been born in Utah, but we'll make sure he still bleeds blue!

Because photo shoots are hard:

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Yellowstone National Park

Yellowstone National Park has been on our bucket list, so we decided to take advantage of the 3 day weekend and go over the 4th of July. 

I don't think I have ever seen prettier views. Everywhere we looked it was breathtaking. 

We stopped for lunch and look what was roaming right in front of our car!

We were walking to that gray looking mountain area when it started sprinkling and thunder and lightning in the distance. We decided we didn't want to chance being forever away from our car on the top of a mountain in a thunderstorm so we went back to the car to snack on all the food I packed and let the boys play. They think being in the car but not in their car seats is the most fun thing ever. Glad we decided not to risk it because it started pouring as soon as we got to the car. 

The next area we stopped at had geysers. There was a walkway but no rails and I was terrified of one of the boys falling. They said the ground around us looked completely normal, but it was thin and fragile and right below it was boiling water. 

The face of two little boys whose mom just explained all about thermal formations to them and threatened their life if they let go of our hands. 
(A lot to ask of two wild boys who've spent a ton of time locked in a car over the past 2 days!)

That color is insane in person. 

They did have rails in a few places...which just made them want to climb over ;)

After we got rained on, I was freezing so I had to get out the Yellowstone long sleeved shirt I'd bought at a gift shop the night before. Being July, I hadn't even thought about it being anything other than hot, but being so far up North it was pretty cool. 


Pulled over on the side of the road for some selfies :)

Stopped at a little gift shop area and Shep was asleep in the car. Holding my sleeping (biggest) baby never happens anymore. One tradition we have is anywhere we travel we always look for a Christmas ornament and a fridge magnet from that place, so that's what we were looking for at the gift shop. 

We walked around and stopped for ice cream sandwiches. Yellowstone is known for huckleberry and they had huckleberry ice cream sandwiches that were so delicious. 

How cute is Major eating his sandwich!?

Yellowstone is a lot of driving and there are a few main spots with lots of parking (like Old Faithful) land then everywhere along the drive they have spots to pull over for pictures or if you see wildlife and want to stop. 

Definitely one of the prettiest views I'll ever see in my life:

Our last stop was Old Faithful. We had saved it for last and had perfect timing. We got there about 10 minutes before it would erupt. Any later and we would have had to wait another 45 minutes or so to see it. 

Old Faithful!

Love taking our boys to these places, even though they are too young to remember. 

The drive home was so pretty and we even got to see a double rainbow. 

I love seeing God's beautiful earth and pretty views always make me cry. I can't get over that God could have made the earth black and white, flat and boring and we wouldn't have known the difference. But instead he made it stunning and colorful and different all over the world.  

This will go down in my books as one of my favorite weekends ever. 
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