5 months with Breaker

Breaker turned 5 months old on August 10th. Hard to believe how close we are to the 6 month mark. My favorite stage of all time is the 0-6 month stage. I love it. I would relive all of their 0-6 months stages over again. 

Notice anything about his chair picture?

I didn't realize until after I put the writings on the pic that he was giving me the finger. Hahaha!

Breaker is so sweet and laughs all the time. If he makes eye contact with anyone, he grins. He's starting to get more interactive. The other day Shepherd was doing something and he was giggling so hard. 

He drools like crazy and always has his hands in his mouth. 

This month he started waking about every 2 hours. I always just nurse him and he goes right back to sleep. I learned my lesson with Major and decided to get rid of the swaddle now even though he still loved it. (With Major he loved the swaddle but got in a cycle of needing it to go to sleep but then waking up because he was sweaty.) Also Breaker started rolling onto his belly in the swaddle so I definitely needed to get rid of it. I ordered a Zippadee-zip for him. It's supposed to be a good thing to transition them out of the swaddle with. He likes it and he can roll over freely in it. 

It kind of drives me crazy how much emphasis is put on babies sleeping. Is he a good baby? Is he sleeping? Um yes he's a good baby and no babies sleep 12 hours straight all the time. It's always a stage. I'm really thankful all 3 of my children slept through the night for the first few months for some reason, but I wasn't holding my breath. I knew this was coming. 
Babies need to eat! They wake up and want to be held! I'm exhausted but I'm not going to put more energy I don't have into trying to get him to not wake up every 2 hours. He's just a baby and if he wants to eat every 2 hours in the middle of the night I'm going to feed him. 

Breaker got to travel a lot this month. He went to The Grand Canyon and Bryce Canyon. He is such a great traveler. 

Some of my favorite pictures from the past month:

Let me tell you a terrible decision we made that you should avoid. Breaker's infant car seat was the same one Shepherd used, and it expired this month so we had to get him a new seat. Convertible car seats are safer because of their steel frame and not getting in and out of the car all the time. So when we were looking for a new car seat I thought it made more sense to go ahead and get him a convertible car seat for safety reasons and also financially it made more sense to go ahead and get him a "big boy seat" instead of another infant seat he would outgrow soon. Awful idea! Breaker is still young enough that he falls asleep in the car, and now we have to wake him up every time we get out of the car. This picture is of me nursing him at Macaroni Grill. Tara came in town and we took him to dinner with us and he screamed the entire time. We had to wake him up to go in the restaurant and get him out of his car seat and he was not happy about it. 
(I keep the infant car seat in the car to put him in if we're going somewhere and because it fits with the stroller.)
So, take it from me, hold off on the convertible car seat!

Sleeping on Tara on the Grand Canyon Railway!

The Grand Canyon!

Nursing at the Grand Canyon :)

Bryce Canyon. 

Seriously!! The cutest baby ever. 


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