A little Shepherd story.

On Friday, Shepherd was playing in his room while both of his brothers napped.
I was in the living room and he came in to talk to me. Completely serious, he says:
"MOM.  Guess what Major did?  He just JUMPED out of his bed, went in my room, PEED on the floor, then went back to his room, climbed into his crib and went back to sleep."
I was like, "Oh MY GOSH! I cannot believe Major did that!"
"Yes, but Mom, he is back asleep now.  He went back to sleep."
"Ok, well can you show me where he peed?"
We went in Shep's room and there was barely a little drop on the floor.  I thought this was weird since I knew Shep had just gone to the bathroom.
I sat down on the floor with him.
"Shep, do you think that maybe you peed, and you were afraid to tell Mommy?"
He looked down and nodded yes.
I pulled him into my lap and told him I was not mad and I'm never going to be mad about a little accident.  Then I told him that as he gets older, things are going to happen to him or his friends that he will want to tell mommy and daddy but he might be nervous to.  And that we will never ever be mad, and he can tell us anything, and we are always on his side.
I pray he always feels comfortable confiding in us!


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