Castor Oil Eyelashes

I've been putting castor oil on my eyelashes before bed. I have always wanted Latisse but am afraid of going blind or my eyes changing colors ;)
I think you can see a real difference already! I'll update again in a few weeks. 

My castor oil was from Amazon. I use a q-tip and dip it in the oil, then get the excess off. Then I run it on my lash line and finish by putting some on my actual lashes to nourish and hydrate them. Make sure you put it on the lash line and not just the lashes! I didn't realize that at first. I also put it on my eyebrows.



  1. I follow the same routine and method as you descrube and have seen definite results - Longer, darker lashes and my brows have definitely filled in and are thicker. I also use it in my hair and it seems to be longer - it might partially be the weight of the oil engthening out my curls but even on the days I don't use the oil, my hair is more lush and healthy looking. On my hair, I use a mixture of castor, jojoba and rosemary oils. I also keep a spray bottle of diluted apple cider vinegar in the shower and treat my hair with it after shampooing. I believe that has also made a big difference in the health of my hair.


  2. Great information! Thanks for a nice post.
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  3. Thanks, castor oil indeed grew my eyebrows thicker! Didn't know about this particular routine though. As for my eyelashes, I'm using Cherish Lash serum and I am quite happy with it. Great review, very useful and helpful