Flashback Friday

On Major's 2nd birthday we had a family photo shoot and I never shared the pictures.  It was the most random thing.  This photographer from Southern California was coming to Utah for a workshop and found my picture on Facebook and messaged me asking if we'd like to be a model family for this workshop.  We had probably 25 photographers taking our picture and they were supposed to send us edited images for free, in exchange for us "modeling" and allowing them to use our images for their portfolio.  
Now, we are usually a pretty photogenic family. But I was like, 35 weeks pregnant, we were in knee deep snow and it was FREEZING.  We were also in one spot the entire time and the photographers came to us, which was good to not have to move around, but bad because every pose was the same. These were the worst pictures I think we've ever taken. The photographer who actually contacted us was I think the only one who captured pictures I actually liked, and edited them in a way I like.  One photographer sent me pictures back and we all looked sick and Major had red hair from whatever filter she used.  It was hideous.  The shoot was at Millcreek Canyon.

I had the cutest outfits planned for the boys, but it was so cold and snowy that they had to wear their coats and Rainboots so the stupid amount of time I spent shopping was worthless and they could have worn pajamas and no one would have known. 

Most pictures we got back looked like this:
That is the worst picture ever! Why even edit and send that back? My eyes are closed for Petes sake. This would have been good for a blooper Christmas card ;)

Here are a few of the better ones:


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