Introducing Breaker Blue to Kentucky

We left Hilton Head and drove through the night...are you sensing a theme!? When the sun was rising we were on a back country road almost to Don's (where we were staying) and I swear I think we both cried seeing our beautiful Kentucky and trees and green and rolling hills.  

Breaker Blue's first morning in Kentucky:

So pretty! We love the view at Don's house. 

We started our Kentucky trip in Joey's hometown and spent some time with family there. 
The first day we were there we also snuck in some time to see Casey, Joey's best friend from high school, and her family. The boys had a blast playing with her girls. 

After leaving Casey's mom's house, we headed to Nana's house for dinner and playing. 

Can we take a moment to zoom in on Major. He cracks me up. 

The boys were elated to be with their big cousin, Matthew!

Major had never played with toy guns before and it awakened a new side of him. He now is always on the hunt for bad guys. 

Again, this kid. 

These are just from our first day in KY. I'm determined to get caught up on my posts soon. This was all the way back in early June!

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