Its Friday!!!

Not only is it guys, Joey has been out of town for FOREVER. And he gets back today!
He was in Arizona for work. I am so happy.  This has been the longest week of my life and I've had many mental breakdowns.
My children have been crazier than normal, we've barely left the house, I've had no sleep. The older boys are used to Joey putting them to bed.  Trying to get a baby to sleep and two little boys who turn on the wildchild at 7pm is the worst.  I told Joey to please never die because we would not make it without him.  Y'all I have not washed my hair in 11 days.  It takes forever and I'm afraid of Breaker waking up while I'm in the shower so I just haven't washed it.  Also by the time they are all 3 asleep I've been going non stop for about 15 hours and I'm exhausted, so spending an hour washing and drying my hair is the last thing I want to do. This was probably TMI.

I thought I was going to get so much done this week.  And by that I mean catching up on all of my shows I have piling up on the DVR.  I did manage to get caught up on Bachelor in Paradise, but I still have 5 hours of Kardashians to watch. #notabadproblemtohave

Anyway, this weekend one of my friends here is having a baby shower.  I say "one of my friends here" like I have many, LOL. One of my two friends I've made here is having a baby and her shower is on Saturday. So I am excited to have a reason to get dressed and leave the house ;)

Other than that we will probably just take it easy and enjoy having Joey back home! Oh and catch up on 6 hours of Big Brother...heaven on Earth, I love that show.

A few pictures from the longest week of my life:

Lots of friend time for the boys has helped my sanity.

This was Breaker's face when Shepherd was dancing around trying to make him laugh.  He's getting so much more interactive and the boys love it.

Honestly, this one is the kid that sends me into mental breakdowns. Busy busy busy.  Crazy Majie.

One example...I was in the living room and I heard him say, "I WANT MORE!" and I just knew he was up on the counter.  He was looking for fruit snacks.

I usually would never take all 3 of them to the grocery, but we ran out of diapers so I had to.

Ok so 5 minutes before I took this picture...
All of the kids from upstairs were outside so the boys and them were playing.  They were all gathered on the stairs talking to me, when their son is like, "theres a snake!"
Right there slithering through the boys toys was an ugly black snake.  It was small, but thats just as terrifying because its easier to lose.  THANK GOD those kids were outside because they ran and got their dad and he came and tossed it over the fence with a shovel. (There is a farm behind our fence)
If he hadn't been there to deal with it, I would have HAD TO and I don't know how well that would have gone. #notwell
I had our back door open all day so I'm just thinking about how easy it would have been for it to come inside.  Thats the first time we've seen a snake in that spot since we've lived here, but we've seen multiple ones out in the perimeter of the yard where there are rocks.  And I've seen snake skins too.  
Anyway, this picture... I came outside a little frantic because I didn't see Major and it was because he was sitting right by the wall out of my sight, right where the snake had been.


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