More Kentucky trip

Some more pictures from Danville. Honestly all of the days are running together. 

My Kentucky boy:

So I went to meet my friend Lindsay for dinner and then was going to see her new house after. I put her address in my gps and didn't realize I had "avoid highways" checked. So what should have been a 20 minute drive turned into about an hour of driving down back country roads. I didn't mind though because the scenery was so pretty. 

Lindsay and I became moms within 3 weeks of each other. Her son, Eli, is Shepherd's age.  When I think about being a new mom, I will always picture myself sitting in the rocker in Shepherd's nursery at 3am, texting Lindsay because she was up too. 
I love these pictures of our babies together!
Breaker and Isaiah. 

The next day we had a family cookout at Don's house. 
The Logues and the Lawhorns. 

When you gotta go...

Worn out!

Breaker and his new cousin, Jack. 

Nana and Breaker. He looks so much like baby Shep here. 

Playing with their cousin, Reece. 


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