Our angel friends in KY

We stayed with our friends Greg and Allison over the weekend.  On Friday night we got there and Allison was so cute with her preparations for us.  She and Greg had put up a Welcome Home banner, had delicious appetizers waiting for us and had fresh flowers in our room.

  Then the next morning she got up super early and cooked a nice breakfast. They are so cute.

Sunday they planned a cookout for us and almost all of our friends could come.  We were missing our friends we left behind in Hilton Head!
Can I just say it was so good to be back with OUR PEOPLE.  People who we've known for years and years, who have seen our highs and our lows, who love us, who really know us, who are rooting for us.  All of our shared histories and remember when stories.  I just love our friends so much.  
Is it bad that I loved that I'm pretty sure almost every single person cried at some point?  When we had to leave on Sunday I was bawling my eyes out.
Some pictures from our weekend. 

Goodnight, Kentucky. 

Good morning, Kentucky!
Their house backs up to a horse farm and the boys loved walking down the fences. 

Major usually has to hang with the big kids, so he loved having Gunner to play with.  They are both the same age and Gunner is hilarious.  Makes me sad we don't live closer so they could hang out all the time :(

Sarah brought these fun light sabers for the boys and they went to town beating up Ryan.

His sticker says "I've been Krogering."
Wah wah wah.

Love having friends to love on our babies!

Could not love them more!! Thankful they hosted our circus!

Uncle Whis made some very impressive play dough animals.  Seriously, we were all impressed.  Shepherd brought them home in a carefully wrapped bag.

Joey, Whitney and Greg.

We got to see Whit while we were in Hilton Head and again in Kentucky. (She lives in SC)

We love these people!! Please look at Shepherd and Gunner holding hands.
Sarah gave us the best compliment and I could cry thinking about it.  She said they all talk about us like we're just out of town for the weekend.  Isn't that nice?  
Also: WTF my hair.

So thankful for friends, that even though its been a year since we've lived in Kentucky, it feels like not a day has passed.


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