Our weekend

Our weekend as told through mostly snapchat =)

Friday night Joey and I got to go on a date... 

With a third, fourth and fifth wheel...to the romantic Cracker Barrell!!

Saturday morning I had a hair appointment. And it probably looks exactly the same to the naked eye...but to a blonde connessoir there is a big difference ;))

Saturday afternoon we drove into downtown Salt Lake. I don't know how I heard about this garden but I'd been wanting to go and see what it was. I think I saw a picture on Instagram of that Egyptian looking sculpture and it piqued my interest! 

This was the Gilgal Sculpture Garden. We had to circle the block twice to find it. It was tiny and had random sculptures and rocks with Bible and Book of Mormon verses on them. I'm not sure I got everything that was going on. 

We took the most awkward family picture ever, taken by a man who held my phone up to his eye when taking the picture. 
Then we hightailed it out of there because there was a homeless man in a corner taking all of his clothes off.

After that we drove 5 minutes to Temple Square to walk around. I have always wanted to go to the top floor of the church office building because it is apparently the tallest building in Salt Lake with 360 views but when we walked there it was closed :(

For dinner we went to the Lion House Pantry which is located in Brigham Young's home. Brigham Young founded Salt Lake City and was a President of the LDS church. I'm telling y'all everything in this town revolves around the Mormon church. 

After dinner we walked around a little more, then headed home!

Sunday was spent cleaning and purging. I love throwing stuff away! We watched the VMA's Sunday night and felt old ;)

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