Over the weekend

Getting crazy and posting twice today!

Joey got home Friday from a work trip to Arizona and we were all SO HAPPY.  Breaker was so sweet, as soon as Joey walked in the door he just stared at him grinning and when Joey picked him up he started kicking his arms and legs in excitement.  All weekend Shep and Major just wanted to sit in Joey's lap.  Never leave again!

Saturday my friend Becky had a baby shower, so Breaker and I went.  She lives in the neighborhood so we just walked down the street.

Breaker was so good at the shower.  Everyone was commenting on what an easy baby he is.  He was the only baby there (even though he looks as big as Becky's daughter in the picture below...but she's almost 2.  #chunkybaby) so everyone was passing him around holding him. #thirdbaby #neverwouldhavehappenedwithmyfirst

I love this happy, joyful boy!

The little outfit Breaker was wearing was Major's so of course I had to do a side by side pic.  Breaker at 5 months and Major at 6 months.

The rest of the weekend was spent relaxing, cleaning and catching up on Big Brother.  Anyone else watch that show? My favorite is Paul, and I love James and Natalie together.

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