Screenshots :: 5


Joey as a dad:

This made me laugh so hard:

So Jef Holm (of Bachelor fame - engaged to Emily) followed me on Snapchat after I followed him. I immediately texted all of my friends to brag/make fun of myself because I am pretty sure he followed me to make sure I wasn't a crazed stalker. The day before I had taken a screenshot of one of his snaps bc it looked like he was close to where I live. I told you, #stalkerstatus.
It took awhile but when he finally actually watched one of my snaps...

He got that gem from Shep...with the filter where they replace your eyes with your nose. I'm not sure how to check, but pretty sure he unfollowed me bc I haven't seen him look at anything since. We definitely are not a threat! Hah

This is me right now. Why I have a cold in August I don't understand. 


One more sweet is this. Shep always wants to put filters on his trains. 

(Snapchat username: jessicalawhorn1)

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