The last leg of our Kentucky trip

Finally finishing up posting about our 2 week vacation today.  Thanks for hanging with me ;)
So we rounded out our trip to Kentucky in my hometown.

My grandma holding Breaker Blue, her third great grandson, for the first time.

I tried.  I tried really hard.  Some things are not meant to be.  You'll just have to trust me when I say they looked cute in their matching Kentucky "home" shirts.

Playing at Gigi and Pappy's house.

I love this picture.  You could have the exact same picture 50 years ago, and you will probably be able to have the exact same picture 50 years from now.  Sprinklers just do not get old.

Kentucky. Is. Hot.  I know out west everyones like "look its 110 degrees." That's hot.  Its still not southern humidity hot.  

Finally reunited with my two very best friends!
First, Tara is finally home *for good* after serving as a missionary in Haiti for the last 5 years.  So happy she's home I could cry.  I wish she could move in with us.

Then the next night we went to dinner with Tressie and Mike.  Love, love, love.

My soulmate.

And that is IT for our 2 week trip.  I am so behind on my posting and it annoys me.  I want to be up to date because I like things in chronological order.


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