What does everyone think about the new Bachelor!?

I'm going into Bachelor overdrive today!
It's all over the Internet so I don't guess this is really a surprise to anyone.
What does everyone think about the new Bachelor?!

I personally am still very surprised and confused as to why they announced it last night. Why not wait until next week when Bachelor in Paradise finished airing and we all knew for sure he and Jen didn't work out. I'm genuinely confused and I was not prepared for the amazing night of television that happened last night. I wasn't even home and my girlfriends were texting about it (literally Mountain time is the dumbest) and I was like just tell me who it is! I was shocked! Did not expect that at all. 

I was SOOO Team Luke, and I'm still a little disappointed to miss out on him being the Bachelor. I bet he was a little blindsided about it, just like the rest of us. He put up an Instagram post last night about God's timing or something. But I am PUMPED about Nick. I'm kind of obsessed with him. I think he will be a great bachelor. My #1 quality I like in a bachelor is someone who takes it seriously (which is why my all time favorite bachelor is Sean Lowe). I think Nick will. He's definitely has a deep, serious side and I think he'll ask the tough questions. 

And where was Chris Harrison!? I need him there, especially for big announcements like this. Talk about asking the tough questions. 
I assumed he was too busy to host After Paradise and that's why they brought in Sean. But I did a little digging and apparently someone on Twitter asked Chris the same thing and he said it "was not his decision." ABC...not OK!! Sean was my favorite Bachelor, but it stops there. Bring back Chris!

Y'all if you need some sleuthing, I'm your girl. I have zero shame and I will find answers! A few weeks ago I DM'd this girl I saw on Insta who said she had screenshots of Kaitlyn's blog about the Bachelorette finale that was removed. (FYI: I'm not sure why she took it down, other than she was mad her and Shawn weren't invited to the finale.)
No. Shame.  


Final thought for anyone watching Bachelor in Paradise:

Are Jared and Ashley not THE WORST. Caila is leaving Paradise and obviously wants Jared to go w her but is too nice/normal to ask that of someone she's known less than a week. And Jareds like "I need to run it by Ashley first." If I was Caila I would have had them put that van in reverse when I noticed Jared chasing it down.
They were just as gross on After Paradise. I think Ashley I is so pretty but she has the worst personality.  But I really think Jared is the worst here. At least with Ashley you know what you're getting. She owns up to being a little crazy and crying too much. But Jareds all like "I'm a nice guy blah blah." He is the last person I would pick for a date in Paradise ;)
My choice would have been Nick!


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  1. I didn't like Nick very much when he was on Kaitlin's or Andi's season, but I think part of that was he got the villian edit way too much. I liked him a lot more on BIP. He seems very rational and smart but he is also humble. I also love his family from the two times it showed them. I am super excited he is the bachelor. I was also team Luke but I think Nick will be better for it. I was also confused after hearing the announcement as to why they didn't wait. I think it is because they are about to start filming and after that they are allowed no contact with the world. With them annoucing last night he could make some public appearances before filming starts. That's my theory idk if thats the real reason.
    I only started watching during Andi's season and I really wish I could watch Sean's season somewhere lol. Sorry for the novel comment. My second favorite part of the show is reading all the blogs about it. :)