6 months with Breaker Blue

Breaker turned 6 months old on September 10th.  Because we'd already left Utah and were staying at my parents house, this is the first monthly picture of any of my babies not to be taken in our rocking chair.  Tear :(

This month he officially became a Kentucky boy.  He woke up nearly every hour at night :(
He napped pretty consistently...3 naps a day.  Around 9am, 1pm and a cat nap around 5.  Bedtime around 7:30/8.
He loves to stare at his hands.  He loves to bounce on your lap.  Breaker is so chunky, at least compared to my other two.  He wears 9 month clothes and size 3 diapers.
He is the happiest little boy and will go to anyone.  No stranger anxiety just yet.  After Rhonda died (feels surreal to type that), Shepherd and Major stayed with my parents while we were with Joey's family, but we kept Breaker with us.  Everyone said he was the best thing to have around because he could put a smile on our faces and he was happy for anyone to hold him.

Some pictures from his 6th month:


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