LIFE update

So I thought I'd share a little update on our life.
First of all, our life has never been in such complete chaos and I do not like it.
We knew it was going to be crazy right now, but the loss of my mother in law has added an entire extra layer on top of everything else.  

First of all, we have moved back to Kentucky.
We were planning on moving back, Joey had already gotten a new job, I just hadn't shared this on the blog yet.  When everything happened with Rhonda, we decided to just get one way tickets for me and the boys since it was so close to our move back date.  Joey did have to go back to Utah for a week by himself to finish up a few things at his old job and be there for the movers.

I hate the way we had to leave Utah.  Leaving on such a sad note was just so...sad.
We still had stuff we wanted to do, we were supposed to go to San Francisco, I had a photo session planned to get family pictures with Breaker.  I'm so mad we lived a state away from the Pacific Ocean and didn't go there. I didn't get to tell any of our friends good bye.  We were so distraught when we heard about Rhonda and had to pack everything we would need in Kentucky, for who knows how long until we get a house and get our stuff out of storage.  I forgot to pack Shepherd's dog he sleeps with :( 

We are currently living in an apartment provided to us by Joey's new job.  I am YEARNING for a house.  We have been looking and haven't found anything we like.  

Today was Joey's first day back to work with his new job.  He's basically had a month off.

We were SO excited to move back to Kentucky.  We loved living in Utah and I am so glad we did.  But it confirmed our hearts belong to the Bluegrass.  It just sucks that what we thought was going to be such a "high" part of our life...moving back, getting a house again after living in a basement apartment for a year, our favorite season and the holidays... it all was so exciting and now with Rhonda's death this is such a low.  Nothing feels exciting anymore because its covered in grief.  

I know God will take care of us, because He always does.  I just don't want to go through the next few months. I want it to be over and us be on the other side. I saw someone on facebook say that the only cure for grief is to grieve.  We are really just overwhelmed right now and this is the hardest thing we've ever had to deal with.  I PRAY this is the hardest thing we EVER have to deal with.

So thats a little update on our life.  Prayers are very appreciated right now!

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