It's Batman!

Just two cute pictures of a boy very serious about being Batman. 

That is all. 
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Life Lately

We've been at my parents house for a week and today we head back to Lexington.  We've been homeless for 2 months.  I. Am. OVER. IT.
They've postponed the closing on our house again.  Something about a new calendar year and paperwork being backed up. Wahhhhhhh. I literally don't know where we are sleeping from one day to the next right now.

Today is a big ol photo dump of the past 2 weeks.

I love Kentucky! The view from my aunt and uncle's farm.

We went to visit my aunt and uncle one day and the boys had a blast.  How funny is this picture of Major?

Checking out the horses.

My boys are a little uneasy around dogs.  In Utah where we were never around dogs, I think they just are not sure about them.  By the end up the day Major had warmed up to their dog, Moose.

We went to the park a few times a week with Jen, and this night Reece came to play too! Reece and Major are only a few months apart.

Finally got to see Lindsay! We've been friends for nearly 10 years.  We met when we were both in college and worked at David's Bridal.  Now we are going to be practically neighbors once we move in to our new house :)

Went to hang out with Tressie and her boys one day.  Max kept saying, "baby!" How cute is he?

As soon as we got to Owensboro we went on a walk.  I thought the boys would be ready to run after being in the car for 3 hours, but Major just wanted to sit in the wagon and hold his brother :)

This is one baby who knows how to NAIL a picture on the first try.  

A rare picture of Breaker sleeping at Gigi and Pappy's house.  Thats because he has not slept the ENTIRE WEEK.  Like, I'm not sure how any of us are functioning.  

Went to a pumpkin patch and this was the view. So pretty.

I wonder how expensive it would be to put a corn pit in our backyard?  These things keep them entertained for so long.

1. How cute is that baby?
2. Please notice Major's hiding spot.  He is surprisingly so good at Hide and Seek. He doesn't make a sound.  

I got my hair done and went darker and ombre for the winter.

Breaker is going to be crawling any day now.  He is already getting up on his knees and rocking back and forth.  His brothers didn't do that until after they learned how to army crawl.  I thought for sure he would start crawling on Thursday.  On Thursday he was 7 months + 17 days old.  Shepherd and Major both started crawling at that exact same age.  Breaker decided to hold out so his daddy wouldn't miss it.

Bedtime stories with Pappy!
Side note: My children are so much better behaved when I'm not here.  This night my sister and I had gone out to run some errands and mom texted us "Don't come home." When I'm with them they literally act like animals.  With me being out of the house, Mom said they happily sat down and ate all their dinner, let her give them baths and get their pajamas on, read bedtime stories and went right upstairs to lay down.  

Sister selfie.

No one is sleeping well.  Major fell asleep on the couch while he was watching a show on the Ipad. This has never ever happened.  Earlier in the week he fell asleep in the car and let my dad carry him in and lay him down and he stayed asleep.

Nothing cuter than a baby in a sink.

Yesterday, I had an appointment and Hallie came over to babysit.  (My appointment was with the grief counselor that Joey and I saw about a month ago.  I cried within the first 2 minutes.) Anyway, Hallie had all 3 of them by herself and sent me this Snapchat...haha!

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Keeneland Fall Meet 2016

A few weekends ago we went to Keeneland twice in one weekend. We normally wouldn't leave the boys two days in a row, but when my best friend texted my Saturday night that she had extra tickets in the fancy area we couldn't say no ;)

But first, Saturday:

All the girls, celebrating Jordan's 30th birthday. I cannot tell you how much I love being back with our people. 

We brought Breaker along for the fun and he loved having all of the attention. 

Happiest. Baby. Ever. 

While we were at Keeneland, Shep and Maj went with their aunts and cousin to ride a train and go to a pumpkin patch. 

Then on Sunday...
We spent the day with Tressie and Mike. Yummy lunch and free drinks!

How cute is my Kentucky bracelet?

Love love love them. 

Perfect view of the finish line. 


One last pic before heading home for the day!

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7 Months with Breaker

Breaker turned 7 months old on October 10th.  

At his check up he was in roughly the 30th percentile for length...and whooping 80/90th for weight. He is SOLID. Already in size 4 diapers, and mainly 12 month clothes. I have to buy his little chunky butt 12-18 month leggings and 12 month sleepers. 

He did have his first food this month, green beans. But I literally fed him green beans twice and he hasn't had anything since.  Not having a high chair and being all over the place this month, I just didn't worry about really introducing solids. 

This month he started sitting unassisted, but was still a little unsteady. However, he is rolling all over the place to get where he wants to go.  He wants to go so bad. He watches his brothers and just bounces and squirms like crazy in our arms. He wants to be right in the middle of them. 

Sleep has been awful this month. I'm hoping its that we've been homeless for nearly 2 months and staying different places all the time. I think once we get in the new house and he can be in a crib he will sleep better. He's been sleeping in the little Arms Reach co-sleeper and I think he's too big for it. 

Some of my favorite pictures from Breaker's 7th month:

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