7 years

Last week we celebrated 7 years of marriage.  Jen and Jeremy kept all 3 of the boys (suckers ;) and we went to dinner at Merrick Inn. 

Today (25th) is actually our dating anniversary...12 years.
When we got married, I knew we would go through ups and downs.  Thats life.  Sometimes its awful and if you can look on the bright side, most of the time its wonderful.  This year has had a highest high...Breaker being born, and a lowest low...Rhonda's death. 

Joey and I are both "look on the bright side" people.  I've grown to be even more like that for being married to him. Its a trait that is innate in him, and probably more developed in myself over time.  There is no bright side to losing Rhonda. But I will tell you, we've seen God taking care of us in just about every way He could given the circumstances. I won't go into detail because it's personal to our family, but I feel so strong knowing Gods taken care of us and he will continue to do so. 

Life is all about choices.  I chose Joey to be my husband.  I chose wisely.  I choose every day to love him and respect him and put in the work it takes to make a relationship work and thrive. I believe God wants to protect marriage, but you have to put in the work.

Every year on our anniversary we have the same conversation.  It started on year one and we repeat it every year.  We like to reflect on what we've done well over the past year, and what we'd like to do better.

I'm very thankful to be married to Joey Lawhorn.

For record's sake, this was Joey's Facebook post on our anniversary:

7 Years! For 7 years I've gotten to wake up next to this beauty! Our lives have changed so much since our wedding day; we've brought the 3 most joyful children into this world, taken unexpected journeys across the country, prayed prayers we'd never thought we'd pray, and she's been the foundation of the entire thing. Offering support and patience even when it isn't deserved, giving selflessly for her family, and truly showing the boys and I unconditional love. Jessica Lawhorn I'm in awe of you every day. I love you so much and cheers to countless anniversaries!

P.S. I'm not fancy enough to know how to put it here, but if you're interested I put together a video of our 7th year of marriage and posted it on YouTube.
Watch it here.

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