All I do is hang out at pumpkin patches

We hit up Evan's Orchard for the second time this week, and we're only half way through October.  How many more pumpkin patches will we visit before Thanksgiving?? Only time will tell.

The boy's cousin, Matthew, was out of school this week, so my sister in law, Courtney, brought him up to have a play date.  My boys are obsessed with Matthew.  He is THE. Coolest.

Look at Major...mid jump!

Again...Major. G. R. U. M. P. 
I took his paci away for the picture and he wasn't happy. 

Two boys who know how to smile!

So many fun things to do!

Climbed to the top!

 When Shep saw this thing he said, "Mom, take my picture."
See, Boy Moms? Dreams do come true. 

I was in Heaven getting to have little photo shoots w my one child who can't argue it. 

Cutest 19 pounder in the patch!

Hello my handsome boy!

Just playing with some pumpkins. 

I could have gone all day. This orchard had so many perfect scenic spots for pictures. 

We had the best Fall day with Courtney and Matthew!


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