Frugal Fall Fun

Today I'm going to share some ways we get in the Fall spirit in our family...without breaking the bank. 
I love themed shirts and they've been wearing them all month long. I got these at Old Navy, where it seems they're always on sale.  These were $5 each!

Painting pumpkins
If you have kids, you've probably accumulated a ton of craft supplies. Throw down a plastic tablecloth or newspapers or even an old sheet and let them get messy. Paint, glue, glitter, feathers...whatever you have!  A few weeks ago my friend, Allison, planned a pumpkin decorating night for our kids. This is so fun to do with friends! 

Special Halloween Dinner
I love the idea of having a special dinners that you only serve on special occasions.  For the last few years we've made special Pumpkin Sloppy Joes on Halloween.  I like the idea of my boys looking forward to it and associating yummy food with special memories! Pumpkin sloppy Joes, sweet potato fries and all the candy you can eat is the menu for our Halloweens!
You can get the recipe in this past post.

Orchard Trip
A lot of orchards around here have play areas. I don't mind paying for the boys to play when I know it's going to keep them entertained for as long as I let us stay there, and they're going to go to bed easy! 

Coloring sheets
Joey printed off some Halloween themed coloring sheets for the boys. This kept them entertained for quite awhile. 

2 ingredient Pumpkin muffins
These are delicious, easy and cheap!

If you're feeling crazy you can add chocolate chips to the mix. 

A few other cost effective ways to celebrate Fall:

---Halloween/Apple/Fall/Thanksgiving themed library books

---Costume swaps with friends. This year Shep wants to be Marshall from Paw Patrol, which just happened to be his friend Grayson's costume last year. So we just borrowed his!

---Halloween pajamas 
Themed pajamas just make me happy. 
My boys are pretty much the same size so it saves me money on clothes...they can just share! This year I bought them pajamas that came in a 2-pack and purposely bought a size too big so they can wear them again next year. 

---Pumpkin spice candles/doors and windows open
My favorite Pumpkin Spice candle is the Walmart one. I just love it. This time of year you can turn off the a/c and open the windows, get your Fall candles burning.  The best! I like the idea of our boys associating smells with different seasons growing up. It's such a strong sense that is connected to memories so I like to have candles burning.

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